With text messages now released, the following communication from Jeremy Hunt to a NewsCorp lobbyist threatens to skewer the culture secretary:

Fred Michel: “You were great at commons today”.

Hunt: “Merci, large drink tonight”

We can also see that Fred Michel refers to NewsCorp and the Jeremy Hunt office collectively as “we”. Adam Smith agrees that they are “in a good place”.

FM: “Today went well Look at the coalition campaign’s statement: so weak!”

FM: “I think we re in a good place tonight no?”

Adam Smith: “I agree. Coverage looks ok. Let’s look again in the morning though!”

Adam Smith advises NewsCorp not to mention certain documents to the Office of Fair Trading:

FM: “Are you able to send me the Enders and Slaughter docs? Wd help me prepare for the public debate. Enjoy golf”

AS: “I haven’t actually got them at the moment. Officials just told me about them. Don’t mention them to anyone like oft etc. if we need them rll show you.”

How much longer can Hunt cling on?

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