With UKIP currently riding high in the polls, David Cameron’s Eurosceptic pain shows no sign of abating — with a former MP defecting and a backbencher spending more time talking to Nigel Farage than whips would like.

Teresa Gorman, who served as MP for Billericay between 1987 and 2001, is backing UKIP in the local elections, and even signed the nomination papers of one of their candidates. Gorman was one of the John Major’s Maastricht rebels and the local leader of UKIP boasted that she had “been with them for some time”.

Potential UKIP sympathisers aren’t limited to former MPs either — counting some of the biggest names on the Westminster backbenches amongst their number. But Guido Fawkes’ recent roundup of potential defectors omits Angela Watkinson, who is rumoured to have been spending rather too much time with senior UKIP figures.

Watkinson could be Westminter’s strongest candidate to cross the floor, with her consistently anti-EU Commons record and her former membership of the (now banned) über-right-wing Monday Club. At the age of 70, she may have little to lose in defecting.

UKIP may well boast parliamentarians in both Houses by 2015.

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