With sweeping powers to monitor internet usage of every person in Britain, the government stands accused of planning similar spying tools to those used by China and Iran.  But just months before the election, the Tories were boasting that they would “reverse the rise of the surveillance state”.

The plans to snoop on website, email and social media communications in real time — and without a legal warrant — stand in stark contrast to promises from the Tories’ shadow justice team announced their “agenda for fewer central databases”:

“The Shadow Justice Secretary said the paper is a response to an ever increasing intrusive Government which relies on expensive databases and the reduction of civil liberties.”

As if that weren’t clear enough, the Coalition Agreement states:

“We will implement a full programme of measures to reverse the substantial erosion of civil liberties and roll back state intrusion.”

As if Cameron’s (libertarian) right-wing backbenchers weren’t frustrated with him already.

  1. jetblackpope says:

    Can we call this one #1984Gate?

    This is such a massive over-reach, announced on April 1st, that I don’t think people believe it’s real. Once it sinks in, I’m sure we’ll see much more outrage/reporting.

  2. Where's Wally? says:

    Having nothing to hide makes configuring proxies and enforcing HTTPS all the more entertaining. Those server logs will be useful now, won’t they?!

  3. probably cos most of the resistance to their police state and exposure of their double dealing occurs online…

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