The leader of the English Defence League is to join the far-right British Freedom Party, Hope Not Hate have revealed.  Tommy Robinson will become the deputy leader of the organisation, which was formed as a splinter group of the BNP.

The effective merger of the EDL and British Freedom Party brings to party politics a combination of populist street protest and media presence which is likely to outflank Nick Griffin’s BNP. Indeed, Hope Not Hate’s Nick Lowles claims that the moves “Probably signals the end of the British National Party”.

Attending the last meeting of the BFP’s executive council in Luton, Robinson has wasted no time in throwing his weight around, demanding that the party adopt the following policies:

  • Banning the Burqa/Niqab
  • Stop the developments of all new mosques
  • Halt new immigration except for “highly qualified positions”
  • Leave the European Union

We hope that Robinson can restrain himself from headbutting his new comrades.

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