With the last few grains trickling through the hourglass on Legal Aid, Liberal Democrat President Tim Farron will put himself at loggerheads with Nick Clegg this evening — having tabled an amendment opposing plans to deny Legal Aid from disabled people and others on low incomes.

Last year, thousands of disabled people were helped by legal aid advisers to overturn inaccurate benefits decisions that had left them struggling without the means to live.

Farron’s rebel amendment seeks to protect:

Civil legal services provided in relation to any review or appeal concerning a benefit, allowance, payment, credit or pension under —

(a) the Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992,
(b) the Jobseekers Act 1995,
(c) the State Pension Credit Act 2002,
(d) the Tax Credits Act 2002,
(e) the Welfare Reform Act 2007,
(f) the Welfare Reform Act 2011, or
(g) any other enactment relating to social security.’.

With rebellions on tuition fees, the forest sell off and NHS Bill already under his belt, Farron has been sure to put a marker down on many of the key issues for Liberal Democrat activists.

Another line of the “Farron 4 Leader” leaflet will have been penned by midnight.

  1. Mr Farron seems as if he may actually be a Liberal and a Democrat, unlike most of the rest of the parliamentary party.

    Surely it has to be unthinkable that sick or disabled people should be denied the justice to fight for their very lives, even if they are too poor to get any other kind of justice in a country so fond of telling the rest of the world how to do things.

    I reckon the next time that someone from China comes here he should lecture Cameron on human rights.

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