The sandwich chain Subway have been caught out looking for staff at just £2.60 per hour. This would be legal for an apprenticeship — but the role in the West Midlands advertised as being “permanent”.

The position, advertised by Job Centre Plus as an, errrm, “sandwich artist” is set out as a level two apprenticeship, meaning a lower minimum wage applies. Under the law, a level two apprentice must spend at least 30% of their time training — but no training details are specified in the advertisement.

Dudley MP Ian Austin has asked DWP boss Iain Duncan Smith to investigate:

“I’ve asked the National Apprenticeship Service to look into the apprenticeships … to see if they are genuine apprenticeships or simply a means to pay young staff below the minimum wage.”

Perhaps the apprenticeship is intended to be part of a sandwich course.

  1. jimmy coull-kidd says:

    If they are a ‘sandwich artist’ are they going to send them to art school ? I hear St Martin’s college do a great course in bread cutting. Now we will sing the subway national anthem ‘everybodys doin it doin it doinit, picking their nose and chewin it chewin it chewin it’

  2. Training in what? How to stand on the side of the road enticing motorists to buy your wears… sounds like something less savoury than sandwiches to me!

  3. mack the knife says:

    Training? Seriously? how long does it take to “train” someone to make a bloody sandwich?

    “ok, so this is a slice of bread…”

  4. @mack

    No, no… you’ve got it all wrong… this is the first step on a wonderful career in retail management! 😉

  5. BBC’s Panorama found out that most apprenticeship schemes are actually a con.

    They were either a way round minimum wage laws, or they were used as a money generating scam by the ‘training’ companies running them, some apprentices had as little as 6 weeks labouring before they were handed full qualifications, and the ‘training’ providers were handed over £7000 per person by the government.

    But it massages the unemployment figures and circumvents minimum wage laws, so the government are more than happy to waste tax payers money on dodgy schemes.

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