An email from Simon Hughes is hilarious in its blatant hypocrisy, with the London MP attempting to paint himself as principled opponent of aspects of the Health Bill — despite his steadfast support for it throughout its passage through parliament.

Challenged by the leader of Southwark Council to explain his position on Andrew Lansley’s reforms, Hughes took a month to respond, finally sending a confused reply six days after the legislation had received royal assent:

  • HYPOCRISY 1: Hughes writes that “When introduced [the Bill] there was an unacceptable emphasis given to the role of the private sector” — so why did he vote for it at every stage?
  • HYPOCRISY 2: In March, Hughes called for the Bill’s risk register to be published, saying that the Liberal Democrats’ reputation as supporters of freedom of information was at risk. But in the email seen by Scrapbook, he says “governments are entitled to resist requests for information provided they follow the law”.
  • HYPOCRISY 3: Hughes writes:  “It is the results that count, not the noise or visibility of the process by which you achieve the result.”  This is coming from the man who said Lansley should resign just to deflect attention away from his own support for the Bill.

Hughes has a history of saying one thing and then voting very differently — he was even caught lying about abstaining on crucial housing votes.

And he has repeatedly tried to justify his support for the Bill by saying the NHS was a Liberal idea in the first place, writing that he is a “a political son of William Beveridge”.

Beveridge would be rolling in his grave if he knew Hughes was calling him Dad.

  1. Hughes has always been a hypocrite, right back to the Bermondsey by-election of 1983 when he was happy to be described as the “straight choice” for voters. He may have apologised, but an apology doesn’t mean anyone needs to forgive the lying toad for that, and any number of dirty tricks that he been involved with since.

    Hughes, like Vince Cable, only cares about the future of one person, himself. Beveridge would have though they were both spineless shits who should have been strangled at birth, he was a eugenicist after all….

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