Rupert Murdoch’s written evidence to the Leveson Inquiry reveals that News International planned to launch a Free School with the support of Michael Gove.

The documents reveal Murdoch planned to discuss founding the school with Gove after News International’s plans to fund an Academy in East London fell through against a backdrop of protest.

Opposition to the development centred around News Corporation’s ownership of education technology provider Wireless Generation — and fears that students would become guinea pigs for the testing of profit-making technology. NewsCorp executives have claimed:

“Today’s classroom looks almost exactly the same as it did in the Victorian age …The key is the software.”

Murdoch met with Gove — twice at the press baron’s home — on four occasions throughout 2010 and 2011, with education reform being a principal topic of discussion. News International also met with Gove and Boris Johnson to visit the proposed site of the new school.

The Leveson evidence also show that News International were in contact with staff at the Department of Education to discuss plans for the school project.

Michael Gove took to the airwaves yesterday to heap lavish praise on beleaguered culture secretary Jeremy Hunt.

He may need his colleagues to return the favour before the end of play.

  1. If people like Murdoch really wanted to help our education system they would pay their taxes. The plan was all about gaining more profits and power.

  2. Software? Fucksake, they’re called CHILDREN you evil bastard. And yes, they are the key, and that’s why we must do everything possible to keep your evil grubby little claws away from them.

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