The directors of a Tory-backed rival to activism website 38 Degrees are linked to a controversial Ukrainian oligarch, Political Scrapbook can reveal.

The right-wing pressure group Right Angle aims to emulate 38 Degrees’ success after a string of victories by the progressive website. But three of Right Angle’s four directors have links with Dmitry Firtash (above left) — a Ukrainian billionaire with a controversial past.

  • Robert Shetler-Jones (above second from left) is the Chief Executive of Firtash’s Group DF business conglomerate, and also takes money from Firtash through his company Scythian Ltd, which he directs. Shetler-Jones dished out £20,000 per year to Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones — who was then refused a role as National Security Adviser after MI5 raised security concerns over her connections to Firtash.
  • Anthony Fisher (above right) is the Director of  Firtash’s DF Foundation, a privately-owned body which ostensibly funds Ukrainian-based education in British universities. He also directs the British Ukrainian Society with Shetler-Jones, which shares its swanky Knightsbridge office with Scythian Ltd and the DF Foundation.
  • Robert Halfon MP (above second from right), who is also a Right Angle director, has received significant funding from Shetler-Jones and his Scythian Ltd, which was listed as “dormant” at Companies House from its foundation in 1996 until at least 2008.

As reported in The Guardian, a former Ukraine PM accused Firtash of having links with mafia boss Semyon Mogilevich — believed to be the “Boss of Bosses” of most Russian mafia syndicates and described by the FBI as “the most dangerous mobster in the world”. Links between Mogilevich and Firtash’s business interests have been the subject of an investigation by the US Department of Justice.

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  1. Their logo looks like it was designed by the BNP, and the name is laughable. The Tory party have the support of many Russian oligarchs, who, not content with screwing up their own country, are trading personal favours to screw ours. Money buys everything at Westminster, something the oligarchs are exploiting.

  2. I’ve just finished reading Le Carres ‘Our kind of traitor’, which includes an account of establishment links to mafia bosses in the former USSR. He also alludes to the Pauline Neville-Jones connection. The plot deals with money laundering and the sanitising of unsavoury processes through these Westerners.


  3. Aaron D Highside says:

    All a bit vague, like the smear that the Grauniad hordes its loot in a faraway tax haven or Red Ken has ‘links’ to Iran. Proof needed.

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