With a man reportedly holding four people hostage in central London, the ever-charming Nick Griffin has decided to make light of the situation:


It’s easy for MEP Griffin to joke from the safety of Strasbourg or his Welsh pig farm.

  1. Who cares what Griffin says. Really, the man’s irrelevant and you are just giving the imbecile a platform by reporting his inane comments

  2. Paul Masters says:

    But he is right! Most don’t work and those that do are only getting cash together to build bombs and schools of hatred!

    Why is it that the only people who disagree with Mr Griffin are those who have never been subjected to pakis moving onto their streets, dressing in rags and treating the place like a sewer.
    In a few years you will all wish you had listened to Nick Griffin, when your property that you have worked all your life to own is now worthless because these muslims have turned the neighborhood into a cesspool and the only people who will give you a tiny percentage of its value are more foreigners who enjoy living like pigs as its all they know.

    You wait and see.

  3. That’s exactly what I would expect from anyone who agrees with NG. The only thing that stinks of the sewer is the above post.

  4. @Paul Masters – Possibly the most racist comment I have ever read on a ‘normal’ thread. You are a disgrace to the human race.

  5. Paul Masters says:

    @Dave How is it racist? Oh just because I used the word ‘paki’?
    Or maybe because I said they teach people how to make bombs?
    Whatever it is, you people are all the ones who are a ‘disgrace’ to the human race.

    It seems that all you have to do these days to be a politician is say how great Islam(e) is and the Muslim brotherhood are and you are guaranteed to have a great career!

    You’re grandparents fought two world wars for this once great country, and it is being stolen from us, and what is worse is that anyone who dares to mention this is declared a racist!

    You muslim supporters dont deserve to live in a free society, just as well that in the next 20 years you wont!

    You wait and see.

  6. Of course all this would never have happened if your forbears hadn’t foistered themselves on their forebears a couple of centurys ago, Paul.

  7. Honestly…this is mostly a display of a singular lack of intelligence and/or common sense. On all sides.
    First, from Griffin – well I suppose it’s about par for the course. Not only is it stupid as a comment in itself but it just cements the idea (that he tries on other occasions to deny) that he’s racist. Great political tactic, Nick!
    Second, for people getting their knickers in a twist over it. For goodness sake, what do you expect from him?
    Third for this site for publicising him. I wonder who would have read his comment without your help. His supporters would have in any case but I wonder if the rest of Griffin’s twitter followers aren’t just made up of liberals waiting to be offended and to broadcast the offence further abroad. I doubt it would have have crossed my consciousness if you hadn’t tweeted it!
    And then of course it give an opportunity for the real idiots – Hi Paul! – to spout their racist vitriol…
    Oh well..the internet…

  8. Thanks to Paul Masters for providing us with an example of the noxious quality of Mr Griffin and his groupies.

  9. Denton Jaeger says:

    @Paul – the depths of your ignorant prejudice is quite profound. You state: “You’re[sic] grandparents fought two world wars for this once great country, and it is being stolen from us, and what is worse is that anyone who dares to mention this is declared a racist!”

    In the Great War of 1914-18, 400,000 Muslims fought and of those 25,000 were injured and 4,250 died for this country. In total approximately 60,000 soldiers from India were killed, 13,000 medals and 12 Victoria Crosses were awarded to Indians for valour and courage.

    Over 161,000 Indian army soldiers were killed in the two World Wars according to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. India’s army grew from 200,000 in 1939 to 2.5 million in 1945, with Muslims making up about 30-40% of the numbers at any one time, even though they were only about 22-25% of the Indian population. As Field Marshall Sir Claude Auchinleck said, “Britain couldn’t have come through both wars if they hadn’t the Indian army.”

    By your own estimation I think this gives them the “right” to live in this country.

  10. So according the BNP Muslim Immigrants are taking our jobs whilst at the same time not working!

    But it seems Griffin is even more wrong the suspect is a former BNP candidate.

  11. edward mark reid says:

    P C Fools!!!!! its only a silly joke by Griffin!!!!! Laugh it of over sensitive morons !!!!!

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