The Liberal Democrats’ former treasurer may be called to testify in court after the party refused to hand back a £2.4m donation which is known to be the proceedings of fraud. Party donor Michael Brown (above right) is currently awaiting extradition after going on the run to the Dominican Republic.

Victims of Brown, who posed as a bond dealer, are naturally slightly peeved that Nick Clegg is refusing to hand back their cash. But an Electoral Commission investigation claiming the party received the donation in “good faith” cleared the way for them to trouser the money.

In the meantime, Nick has been busy telling Sunday Politics that it was nothing to do with him:

“I should stress that this is something which happened as far as the Liberal Democrats are concerned before I was even an MP”

But this might not wash with defrauded lawyer Tony Brown (no relation), whose legal team have suggested that they want to call former party treasurer Reg Clark to the stand. With the Electoral Commission’s original investigation under fire, it could all get very messy indeed.

Perhaps understandably, Tony didn’t want his $5m spent on Charles Kennedy election posters.

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