With numerous tweeters naming the teenage rape victim of a Welsh international footballer — despite legal anonymity protections — Corby MP Louise Mensch has reported the users to the police.

Sheffield United star Ched Evans was sentenced to five years in prison for the the rape of a young woman “too drunk to consent”. Police and the Attorney General are currently investigating the naming of the victim on Twitter, which is a criminal offence under the Sexual Offences Act.

Perhaps they can start with Evans’ team mate Connor Brown, who referred to the victim as a “money-grabbing little tramp”.

  1. Santorum4Lyfe says:

    Why is it anything to do with Louise Mensch? Oh, that’s right – she’s the self-appointed queen of twitter moralising and hasn’t been in the news for a few days.

    Do you think she cares about the victim even one tenth as much as she cares about getting herself some publicity? Sad to see it’s PSbook giving it to her…

  2. There’s more than one police force in Wales, but she probably couldn’t be arsed finding that out.

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