Liam Fox may be long gone, but the MoD-owned paintings he planned to sell for a veterans charity are not. A Freedom of Information request has revealed that despite the fanfare made of the idea in September 2010, the paintings still haven’t been sold — with Help For Heroes missing out on hundreds of thousands of pounds

The collection, commissioned by Geoff Hoon, was criticised when it was amassed using money that could have been used to equip soldiers. Fox was much praised when he announced he wanted to sell them off and donate the profits to Help for Heroes — while conveniently heaping opprobrium on a Labour predecessor.

But in response to an FOI request querying the status of the paintings and how much money had been raised, a year and a half after the announcement, the MoD replied:

“…we do hold information within scope of your request.  The paintings you listed were not sold and they remain in the Ministry of Defence Art Collection.”

Scrapbook supposes it’s easy to forget such pledges, when jet-setting around the world with your best man.

  1. The Government Art Collection and the MOD Art Collection are separate. See here:

    So they were under the control of the disgraced Dr Fox who all too often was quick to shout his mouth off and worry about details later. He set his attack dogs on Geoff Hoon and this report, one of a number, says that Fox ordered the sale:

  2. Politicians, and Fox and Hoon are good examples, live in a different world from the rest of us and certainly from the squaddies they send to die or be crippled. Flattered by civil servants, transported in Ministry cars and with an eye on well paid jobs (in the arms industry?) when they retire with their non contributory pensions they have no conception of ordinary life. How many sons of politicians have fought on the front line or even been in the army? Actually, we voters deserve all we get by letting these spivs continue to get away with it.

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