Laurie Penny has been gallivanting around America for a few months now — but still hasn’t noticed that they drive on the other side of the road. Things could have turned nasty if it weren’t for a celebrity superhero:

Whilst strolling through New York City yesterday Penny nearly ended up underneath a taxi whilst crossing the road — but Ryan Gosling pulled her out of the way just in time. Penny needn’t have worried about the traffic; the driver should have noticed her considering her fluorescent attire:

Gosling has a history of impressing women — but not with his life-saving skills. The meme above works on his reputation as something of a feminist icon. As The Guardian puts it:

“He was raised by a single mother to whom he’s close, and he waxes lyrical about his female co-stars and ex-girlfriends. He loves his dog, is self-deprecatingly funny … On top of all this, he’s a good actor. Basically, he’s perfect.”

The future of ostentatious posturing might never have been the same.

  1. Therealguyfaux says:

    Nice try, Ms. Farthing-around. Sixth Avenue, as with all avenues in Midtown Manhattan, is a one-way thoroughfare; traffic can come from only one direction, that of the back of the arrow, which, if you have spent any time in New York (and you HAVE done), you would notice is at every intersection, there for your safety in crossing the road as well as informing drivers looking to turn. You are either thick as mud and have not caught on, or you were listening to your Favourites on your headphones, not paying sufficient attention. None of this British-force-of-habit nonsense; crossing EVERY avenue in Manhattan, you get the “British direction” half the time.

  2. “I am from London”.

    Er, you are from Brighton.

    Driver probably put his foot down when he saw that “look at me” wig.

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