A Conservative MP has responded to a constituent’s letter on gay marriage by comparing the practice to polygamy and underage unions.

In the letter, sent to Scrapbook via our tips box, Karl McCartney MP ranted that gay rights campaigners of “uprooting thousands of years of Christian tradition”. He then went on:

“Nor are you advocating multi-partnership marriages, nor a reduction in the age of permitted marriage. But if one takes your ‘arguments’ to any conclusion that is where we would end up.”

At least McCartney stopped short of invoking bestiality — unlike the current Conservative Party candidate for Mayor of London.

Some Tories were never interested in being detoxified.

  1. The “MARRY YOUR DOG” arguments have been rolled out ever since gay marriage has been a thing (the world’s first legal civil partnerships were in Denmark in 1989). The fact that some people still think this is an original argument nobody’s ever heard before shows that some people are fucking idiots.

  2. But the bible is OK with polygamy. And underage marriage. Abraham, Jacob, David and Solomon all had multiple wives. Solomon had 400 wives and 300 concubines. And Mary was 13 when GOD HIMSELF knocked her up.

    I’m afraid if you want to lambast polygamy and pederasty Mr Mcartney. You need to find a different book of fairytales to base your arguments on.

  3. He’s my M.P. and, at the hustings before he was elected, I asked him in public if LGBT rights were safe in Tory hands. He assured me and all the others there, that they were. I have written to him sayinmg how angry I am about his lie. I have also writeen to our local press, Pink News, and hopefully the University LGBT Society will be onto this too. He’s a disgrace and often goes to my local coffee house. He WILL NOT BE ABLE TO A A QUIET COFFEE THERE ANY MORE!

  4. Bea Grimbly says:

    Yes imakesound is exactly right, marriage of young girls is, in fact, a proud Christian tradition. The initial campaigns to raise the age of consent did not come from Christian campaigners, but from what were then progressive civil rights campaigners. Many conservative Christians opposed raising the age of consent at the time.

    If one actually reads the Bible, it is obvious that Jesus was far more concerned about poverty than sexuality.

  5. Yet another stupid Christian trying to dissociate their cretinous ideology from the very people whom they rely upon for support.

  6. Scarlett Black says:

    I maintain, ban all marraige. If we want equality, lets have civil partnerships ONLY. No god, no masters and no authority, only two people who love each other and want to tell the world about it.

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