A £250,000 Tory donor has poured petrol on the still glowing embers of the cash-for-access scandal — by comparing government ministers to housewives receiving money from their husbands.

John Griffin, owner of London’s Addison Lee taxi company, met then transport secretary Phillip Hammond to lobby him on privatising the car pool used by ministers and their officials just weeks after he donated £100,000 to the Conservative Party.

Challenged on his cash-for-access by the Daily Mirror last night, multi-millionaire Griffin levelled this insult at the recipients of his cash:

“Politicians are not running the country. Businessmen are. They are the housewives. We give them the money.”

With this level of contempt for the political process, it should come as no surprise that Griffin has this week ordered his drivers to use bus lanes illegally.

  1. Bill Edmunds says:

    According to today’s Diary in the Guardian he complained that he payed £250,000 but never got a Kitchen Suppper with Cameron just a Garden Party where he didn’t meet Dodgy Dave and a hat with DC on it. He didn’t mention his meeting with Offshore Tax Haven Hammond.

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