Tom Watson and Martin Hickman’s new book reveals a lot about the machinations of News Corporation, but we weren’t expecting this: James Murdoch used to keep a gun under his desk.

According to Dial M for Murdoch James dropped out of Harvard to found a hip-hop label, Rawkus Records, where he kept a firearm in his office — supposedly to protect himself from his more violent business associates.

The book delves into James’ rebellious days at high school, where he bleached his hair, got himself a tattoo and brandished a range of piercings:

“James had long been a rebel … He dyed his hair blond, got a tattoo and pierced his ears and an eyebrow. Subsequently he dropped out of Harvard to found a hip-hop label, Rawkus, keeping a gun under his table to deal with some of its Uzi-carrying stars.”

It seems Jonnie Marbles got off lightly.

  1. Am I alone in seeing Murdoch as being pilloried by a lot of faceless creeps at this inquiry? A free press is essential – we might not like how it behaves or what it says but its freedoms are inarguable – just look around at the dictatorships in the world.

  2. I second Austin’s statement. In the same way that scum always rises to the surface. Empty pots always make the most noise. The Murdoch’s have done much good. We need them to keep the wet shower at the Biased B C damped down.

  3. Austin you are not alone – I agree with you completely. Murdoch was right his papers are the only ones that have switched from supporting one side to the other over the years

  4. no you are certainly not alone. it is outrageous that this old man is being treated in this manner. most of the questions seem to be irrelevant and Cameron should be squirming that he has put Murdoch through this charade. we all ought to remember that Mr Murdoch has created thousands of jobs in the Uk. And the British public are simply not interested in this circus, that is providing lawyers with even more money. We are interested in the economy and how we get ourselves through the macro mess in the country, mainly created by the excesses of the last government.We should take note, however, of Mr Murdoch’s comments on education. Complete agreement with that

  5. philip walling says:

    No Austin you are not alone.

    Levison and his ‘counsel to the inquiry’ exemplify much that is wrong with this country – lawyers, milking the charade for all it’s worth, parasites on the body politic. At least Murdoch made a living from selling things that people wanted to buy.

    Cameron should be ashamed that he’s set up this kanagroo court, which amusingly may do him more harm than he could have imagined, meanwhile we will end up even less able than we are to say what we think and know less of what our rulers are doing to us. And I dread to think what Jay QC (and all the rest) is being paid day in day out. They’ll have had half the movers and shakers in Britain through their witness box before it’s finished.

  6. Scrapbook Reader says:

    Hmm.. Scrapbook gets a link from Guido’s website and then the first 5 comments are from Murdoch apologist right wing nutjobs.
    Rupert M is clearly a business genius, but the Murdoch press has been responsible for a huge decline in journalistic standards in the UK. The media does a special job- it provides the prism through which citizens learn about their country and the world. As such, the (profitable) games Murdoch plays and the tone his organs set do great damage to the fabric of our society. The fact that James could not say with a straight face that he reads his tabloids said it all. 10 million British people read them, but not the guy who earns the cash and runs the company. Given their influence, that’s pretty shocking.
    (and if they go round saying things like ‘It Was The Sun Wot Won It” I can’t see how they can duck their responsibilities)

  7. Ahhh the Michael Jackson defence: he can’t possibly be a child abuser, look how sweet and childlike and naive he is (please ignore the ruthless business sense that allowed him to wangle the Beatles rights straight out of the clammy hands of ruthless businessman paul McCartney)

    Likewise, please don’t be silly people. Do you honestly think Rupert could stay astride his empire if his ‘I’m a forgetful old man, no one tells me nuthin anymore’ routine was anything other than a perfectly worked out tactic performed by a… ruthless businessman!
    Just watch as he sells his son down the river, as that will tell you everything you need to know.

  8. no you are not alone. The whole spectacle is a disgrace to our country, where Murdoch has created so many jobs. David Cameron should be ashamed of the footage of the interrrogation of an old man but we should all take notice of what Murdoch said about our education system and the root cause of the problem- the educationalkists themselves

  9. philip walling says:

    That’s it Mr Scrapbook Reader, start off with an insult! That’s how all you lefty types open an argument.

    My deploring the monstrous waste of money and the sinister free press bashing side to Levison’s inquiry has nothing to do with being a ‘nut-job’.
    If you can’t see the harm in reducing the right of a free press to report on the doings of people who have power over us but would rather not have their doings made public then I despair.

  10. Though far from being a fan, the Murdoch press provides a healthy antidote to the relentless lefty propaganda of the Beeb/Indy/Graun axis. I fancy that Rupert’s New York lawyers have leant on him to not frighten the horses at Leveson so that his major shareholders don’t scarper, otherwise I reckon that we would be in for some really juicy stuff!

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