Today sees the publication of Tom Watson and Martin Hickman’s book Dial M for Murdoch, which seems full to the brim with secrets of the darker side of News International. Among the biggest news so far is that Rebekah Brooks’ office was bugged by the Murdoch empire.

Other revelations include:

  • Neville Thurlbeck told Watson that in 2009 the News of the World targeted members of the Culture Media and Sport select committee, resulting in members deciding not to summon Rebekah Brooks to the inquiry.
  • A News International insider told Watson of a second email server at Wapping, where emails deleted from the main server would be preserved.
  • Watson was “offered” Andy Coulson, as long as Rebekah Brooks could remain “sacred” and untouched.
  • When released from prison, Glen Mulcaire went to work for former Met commissioner John Stevens.
  • The DPP regularly dined with NI executives both before and after the criminal investigation.
  • Tommy Sheridan told Watson that “They are bullies, and as with any bully running away only invites them to become more aggressive“.
  • Max Mosley described the Murdoch empire as “a really sinister presence undermining the whole of our democracy

Murdoch’s troubles seem to be just beginning.


  1. from the very beginning I would tell anyone I knew not to buy the Murdoch-owned Sun, NOTW or the Times, or when it started, SKY. I felt like one of those nutters with a “The End is Nigh” boards…
    It was a long time coming, but I was right!
    It gives me no pleasure, just relief that one by one the slimy tentacles of this malevolent influence are releasing their grip from our country.
    Good luck USA, you too are about to see the light!

  2. Dial M for Murdoch TV Series
    May 12, 2012

    Tom Watson will be played by a pumped up Hugh Grant in an out of character tough guy (but warm and endearing) in total 21st century irony. Hairy Steve Coogan is booked to be his sidekick Martin Hickman in this Bernstein and Woodward makealike of the Pentagon Papers.
    “Follow the buggers” the phone tip off sounds slimy from the side of a Wearside mouth, and “Meet me at the Fire Station, this one is gonna burn baby”.
    Who ever lives a safe and comfortable life today and gets their thrill and paranoia from TV dramas should welcome this depiction of the plot unfolding right now at the Royal Courts of Justice. That is from the real world around them.
    In his remarkable true tale Tom Watson details from Leveson how fictions like this one, and far more damaging, are created in the gutter (now sewer) press to titillate and sell copies. With less than the tenuous link to reality I present here.
    Cue Lord Justice Leveson with mild incredulity p301
    “Are these all real headlines?” Peppiat, A Richard Desmond reporter and witness replies
    “These are real headlines”
    Worthy of Richard Wilson, you cannot believe it!
    The slimy tentacles of what is rightly called a Mafia, which my dictionary calls
    ‘a close-knit or influential group of people who work together and protect one another’s interests or the interests of a particular person’ or ‘a mutually supportive clique.
    It is an accurate characterization, and what Watson said to James Murdoch at the end of the Select Committee hearing, apt, as long as you leave Sicilyout of it.
    The series and the film will be made eventually, good topic for BskyB or Fox studios but not quite yet.
    The book is good, easy to adjust to Watson and Hickman referring to themselves in the third person, a page turner and thriller. If you have followed the saga in The Guardian as some have there is not much new but the actuality of it is arresting, very ‘now’ and still unwinding in spools before our eyes.
    Rupert, James, Jeremy Hunt and it seems David Cameron all have to go, out of office for malfeasance if not much worse. Others hopefully “Go to Jail, Go directly to Jail, Do not pass Go!” as is right and proper in a failed bid for Monopoly over us.
    Yes, indeed, once again ‘Power Corrupts’, it also induces Collective Selective Amnesia as we heard from Jay QC this week.

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