It appears that Treasury spinners may have told BBC producers that Danny Alexander would not debate with Ed Balls on Newsnight. With his department stewarding the economy back into recession, Alexander did not engage directly with the shadow chancellor late yesterday — despite being one of the most senior figures in the government with an annual salary of £134,565.

In bizarre scenes, Balls and Alexander were sat opposite each other but never exchanged blows, with the segment split into two seperate interviews with Kirsty Wark.

Danny: if you can’t stand the heat then get back to the Cairngorms National Park press office.

  1. To be fair to the little shit his boss at the Treasury should have been there — HE is the real chicken.

  2. Arturo Bandini says:

    Look at the picture – he’s even edged his chair back a bit in fear of Bruiser lungeing across the table to tear him a new one!

  3. The bloody wimp refused to debate with his shadow counterpart on channel 4 news tonight!! Blooming’ ‘ell, think I’ll tell my boss I’ll go to the planning meeting tomorrow but refuse to engage anybody, for fear they challenge me about the requirement for my jobs.

    What an absolute cock.

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