In an amusing use of social media, campaigners plan to bombard the home secretary with messages on a “National CC all your e-mails to Theresa May Day” to protest against the government’s email monitoring plans.

A page on Facebook says:

“The government wants to store all our e-mails in a huge database? OK, we’ll save them the trouble by cc-ing the Home Secretary on every e-mail we send for a whole day.”

The plans, announced at the weekend, to allow various agencies to monitor email and social media communications without a warrant, run contrary to both Conservative and Lib Dem statements in opposition and the coalition agreement, and have led to a great deal of anguished soul-searching by Nick Clegg.

Ms May could find an awful lot of boring emails coming her way.

  1. Clegg sold his soul and party for power he never got or will get. All he is is Camerans Lap dog {his bark has no bite} The only soul searching is doing is for his own soul and how did Cameran {the devil} get it so cheaply.

  2. bridget price says:

    save me the bother of searching… what is her email? I’ll just cc her on all, always, and post her pictures of kittens in mittens playing the piano.

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