Nobody expected the accounts and tax returns of the Liberal Democrat’s mayoral candidate to be of particular interest, but in what looks like a serious cock-up Brian Paddick seems to have published an unredacted scan- complete with personal information like, erm, his National Insurance Number and home address.

Looks like someone made a big oopsie.

Paddick should probably beware the case of Conservative blogger Iain Dale, who posted a photo of a car he was trying to sell online, only for the numberplate to be cloned and, erm, used on a getaway vehicle. Dale only learnt of this when confronted, on the doorstep, with a pair of police officers.

  1. Just FYI – you can still very clearly see the address through that blurring. Really should change it.

  2. Yeah, publishing his home address isn’t a big mistake – but publishing his NI number and bank account details seems a bit strange.

    Also, I notice he has a couple of accounts at Coutts – don’t you normally need to be exceptionally wealthy for that? More so than his basic income figures would suggest.

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