A YouGov poll today reveals that over a third of Londoners believe that Boris Johnson is a “Mayor for the Rich”. 37% of those polled believed that Boris would best defend the wealthy — less than two percent said he would stand up for the poor.

But while Ken Livingstone has narrowed the gap with Boris since last month’s poll, the Tory incumbent continues to outperform his party in London — leading Ken by six percentage points.

Good luck finding references to the Conservative Party on Boris’ campaign website.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Boris has been tackling the big issues in a webchat with Mumsnet, namely the, erm, zombie apocalypse:

“All I can say that we are making every effort to ensure that the Zombie Apocalypse does not happen, and certainly not during the Olympic and Paralympic Games”

“I am told by the security services that the risk of the Zombie Apocalypse and indeed all other disasters has been downgraded from severe to substantial. But we are never complacent.”

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