With the Daily Telegraph’s Andrew Gilligan pouring derision on Ken Livingstone for trying to move the mayoral race away from negative campaigning, does the “journalist” protest too much?

As noted by the blog Gilligan Watch, who have surveyed all of his ramblings, the number of attack posts Gilligan produces is frankly staggering. Andy has churned out 27 hatchet jobs in the last month — comprising 75% of his blogging output.

This includes:

  • 27 posts attacking Ken
  • 2 posts praising Boris
  • 1 declaring Brian Paddick the winner of a debate (so he didn’t have to say it was Ken)

The animated GIF below relates a pretty accurate metaphor.

  1. Did you know a LUL whistleblower to Andrew Gilligan was wrongfully sectioned after alleged threats to kill Boris Johnson in Oct 2009 – FTAC had him sectioned after they wronglly claimed that the whistleblower had ideas of grandoise after the whistleblower told several people that he had contacted Gilligan about Metronet fraud ( One man was found guilty of fraud in Nov 2012).

    Andrew Glligan was named in the section papers but the man was cleared of all charges after an Independent Tribunal ruled that he had been a whistleblower.

  2. Which is notable because you’ve only published 18 articles about Boris in the same amount of time. At what point between 18 and 27 does it become obsession?

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