Mass-murderer Anders Breivik got in touch with two BNP council candidates just days before he killed 77 people in Norway’s worst ever peacetime attack.

West Midlands BNP candidates Phillip Kimberley and Lee Millard were both included in an email from Breivik in the week of the Norway atrocity. Their BNP regional organiser Alwyn Deacon admitted:

“Phil and Lee both received one e-mail from Breivik a couple of days before the incident in Norway.”

EDL members were also on Breivik’s contact list — EDL leader Tommy Robinson has recently been caught defending Breivik:

“[Breivik’s] blogs are full of facts. You can not yell at people because they tell the truth. You may find the truth hurts, but it is still the truth … Whether you like it or not, that guy was pretty smart.”

Breivik also sought the support of Liverpool mayoral candidate Peter Tierney, who is standing as a member of the National Front.

The BNP have now instructed candidates to delete their Facebook pages and avoid talking to the press.

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