Sky News are currently reporting that a woman has been badly burnt attempting to stockpile petrol. The woman, in York, was apparently transfering fuel between containers in her kitchen. This comes after Francis Maude recommended people stock up on fuel in jerry cans.

Hate to say we told you so.


  1. Yes, she shouldn’t have doing it- any of it- but what Maude did was the equivalent of shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theatre. Ridiculous, irresponsible and dangerous.

  2. she was decanting petrol using an open container in the kitchen & the oven was on. Would even Francis Maude have been that foolish?

  3. Seamus Campbell says:

    Just about every 10 or 12 year old in the country, if not the world, knows that stockpiling petrol is bloody dangerous. Maybe the woman was foolish, but who is the bigger idiot, herself or government advisors?

  4. Maude didn’t just advise people to something stupid, he advised them to break the law. In recent times people have been jailed for less.

  5. Ever since the Dave and Georgie show arrived in town sceaming disaster disaster all is disaster has a truer mantra been spoken, thanks to them and their policies Britain is getting deeper and deeper in debt. And so what do they advise us to do at a possible tanker strike. Use any means possible to store petrol, encouraging an equaly stupid section of the public to panic buy the stuff. Causing mayhem at the pumps and creating a shortage before or even if a strike takes place. You just could not make it up? it is just a shame that already the desaster waiting to happen seem to have begun. Enough is enough Maud will go !! but Dave and Georgie boy will hang on till the BITTER end.

  6. One of the previous posters said what Francis Maude said was ‘illegal’ now it may have been stupid but ‘illegal’ is possibly a step too far but I stand to be corrected so can I just clarify what is illegal about suggesting people stockpile fuel? A statute and section number would be appreciated

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