Steve Bell’s amazing 16-panel demolition of Workfare and former back-to-work czar Emma Harrison of A4e deserves a wider airing than the back of G2.

Grotesquely caricatured Harrison presents an unemployed man with a number of “f*** off and die” options, after which the protagonist finds himself volunteering at “Quidworld”, a barely veiled reference to Poundland, who Scrapbook revealed were accepting unpaid forced labour from the unemployed in March 2011.

Having quit A4e over the growing fraud scandal at the company it seems Harrison was finally the one told to “f*** off and die” this week”.

Cartoons © Steve Bell 2012

  1. Geraldine Mitchell says:

    Its a good job that Steve Bell can be depended upon to cut to the quick. For me he helps to relieve the depression and fear I feel nowadays as i watch this government dismantling the Welfare state, which my family fought so hard to make an entitlement, and which is now being systematically undermined by the media for this government. Steve Bell equals light in bleak times .

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