A local councillor has claimed he was abducted as a child by aliens who have continued to visit him throughout his life. Simon Parkes, who represents Labour on Whitby Town Council, also believes his mother is a nine-foot tall green alien.

In an hour-long YouTube video seized upon by local newspapers this week, Parkes claims his “real mother” is an extra terrestrial with large eyes and small nostrils (Parkes’ drawing inset above) and that he has travelled on board a spaceship.

Despite serving his community in Whitby, the 52 year-old but has loftier political ambitions — of standing for the larger Borough Council in Scarbough. And Parkes has certainly hit upon an interesting strategy for his selection: insulting his would-be colleagues.

“I get more common sense out of the aliens than out of Scarborough Town Hall. The aliens are far more aware of stuff. People in the Town Hall seem not to be aware of the needs of Whitby.”

Vote red. Go green?

  1. my word, highlighting something Labour would rather you not see… what Trade Unionist needs this guy out the way?!

  2. @Daniel Pitt, you realsie this a town councillor don’t you. Parish and town councils are not usually full there are virtually no disqualification factors. There are some complete idiots on them from all sides. Most parishes/towns don’t fight them on a party line at all.

  3. Watched Simon Parks on youtube, is this guy lying no I don’t think so the detail of what has happened to him is very fascinating, and the thing is he’s not bothered at all if anyone believes him, he seems a very intelligent man who has more knowledge than the average person out there. Research his subject then assess the man you will proberley have a change of mind.

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