David Cameron’s Big Society ambassador has alluded to the role of government cuts in the closure of his charity. Third Sector magazine have followed up Scrapbook’s exclusive on Cameron’s Big Society ambassador — reporting that he closed his charity “because of funding problems”.

In the latest embarrassment to the Prime Minister’s repeatedly-stalling project, the closure of Shaun Bailey’s MyGeneration outfit will see five staff losing their jobs. And with the voluntary sector hit hard by cuts to public bodies which commissioned their services, Bailey appeared to lay the blame on the resultant squeeze on charities:

“We saw that in this tough funding environment it was hard to sustain that level of services”

MyGeneration’s short history has been turbulent and marred by financial mismanagement. Bailey stood down from his full time role with MyGeneration just one year after he failed to win Hammersmith  from Labour in 2010. The charity, whose brand was intrinsically linked with Bailey’s public persona, had spent a whopping £92,749 on “fundraising and publicity costs” in the accounting period encompassing the election.

Time for another B.S. relaunch, then?

  1. It was never anything else than a self-enrichment front at the expense of the unwitting taxpayer.

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