In another display of satire eating itself, Balliol College at Oxford have offered a £4,000 grant to former Etonian students to study “the social conditions of the common people” at a foreign university.

The Vaughn Memorial Travelling Scholarship is available to any Old Etonian at the University, with preference given to students at Balliol. The little known scholarship dates from the 1950s, being bequeathed to the university by the will of Mrs D. J Vaughn.

While four members of the government (David Cameron, Sir George Young, Nick Hurd and Philip Dunne) would have been elligible to apply for the grant, they have nothing on backbenchers Jo Johnson and Rory Stewart, who went to Eton, Oxford and Balliol College

The revelation  will not be helpful to the university, currently trying to sell its equal opportunities policies as tuition fees treble.

  1. Foregone Conclusion says:

    *sigh* It’s an endowment. To amend the specific terms of an endowment, you need a special Act of Parliament (as happened when the Rhodes Scholarships began to be offered to women in the 1970s). I have no doubt that Balliol is pretty embarassed by all this as well, and frustrated that they can’t get at a at least slightly considerable pot of money.

  2. Old Etonians looking at common people- or Oxbridge lefties like Owen JOnes, offering misleading exploitative analysis about ‘chavs’. From where I sit is all much of a muchness, and all perpetuates the core problem. Which is that politics is controlled by media not voters and Oxbridge provides the commentariat that disguise this. Owen Jones’ sincerity and misleading, inaccurate rhetoric about ‘the poor’ , designed to mask the real social policy intentions of the Labour Party, is less easy to challenge than the Tories disdain at ‘common people’. Signed. Common people.

  3. Hi Lisa,

    What an earth are you talking about? I presume you haven’t read “Chavs” or have somehow drastically misunderstood the crux of the argument put forward by Owen Jones. Simply put, the book tracks the demonization of the working class from Thatcher onwards and is as damning of New Labour as it is the Tory Party. Furthermore, rather than ‘mask the real social policy intentions of the Labour Party’, he has done exactly the opposite and highlighted the New Labour “we’re all middle class” rhetoric. Please go back to the book and read it again.

  4. I have read Chavs. It is grossly misleading and offers analysis which would convince those completely seperate from this issue, but noone with an ounce of social policy knowledge, or knowledge of the areas Owen discusses. Itis a book which essential tackles a real demonisation then exploits its subjects and perpetuates their detatchment from the political elite. Something OWen furthers when he sells them out for Labour. And I am just about tired of being told by lefties that it is ok for Owen to patronise and be placed in a position of unquestioned unfallibilty when his analysis is wrong and his media career exploitative. A middle class oxbridge elite educated boy perpetuating the system he claims to try and change.

  5. Oh and as one of the mothers who will again be hit by the budget next week, the third year in a row to deafening silence, where the centrist position is that the woman on the #ididnotreport hashtag choosing between repeated rape and poverty, is to stay where she is to remain respectable. I find it disgusting that this is the effect of the Labour poppets obfuscating political debate for their own, and Labour’s interests. The narrow pool of commentariat is a mechanism by which debate is kept narrow enough to fit with party priorities and as someone watching teh area I live in quite literally die, I am tellung you YOU need to read Chavs again and analyse effect of Owen Jones actions not me. And your immediate jump to accuse me of not reading the book is rather the problem. Pay particular attention to Hazel Blears and where comment is coming from in that book, as well as the piss poor gender analysis. Then come back to me. The death of the liberal class is not something I would shout too loud about if I was Owen. This year likely to be tricky.

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