BNP leader Nick Griffin has claimed that Russia is more democratic than the UK, ranting to colleagues in Strasbourg that “Putin’s Russia is more democratic than Cameron’s UK Banana Republic.”

Speaking in a debate on the Russian elections after being sent on an all-expenses-paid jolly to oversee recent elections, Griffin ranted:

“I went half expecting to see a poorly designed system vulnerable to fraud. I was stunned to discover instead a robust, transparent and properly democratic system that made me even more aware than ever of the … shambles that masquerades as free and fair elections in Great Britain.”

The Russian elections were dogged by accusations of fraud and bias. The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe declared that the elections were “clearly skewed” in favour of Putin’s party, and the leader of the opposition was amongst more than five hundred arrested.

At least Griffin is consistent, with a track record of blaming electoral fraud for the increasingly abysmal election performances of his own party. Before the BNP pulled a measly 0.8% of the vote in last year’s Welsh Assembly elections, Griffin boasted:

“Unless there’s enormous fraud, we’ve got a seat down here.”

To parrot what right-wingers have said to lefties for years: if Nick Griffin loves Russia so much, why doesn’t he go and live there?

  1. Ahhh the benefits of his Cambridge education…. not. Stick to what you know Nick, rather than analysing Russia’s electoral system. Just a thought.

  2. So who do we believe … a far right-wing politician from the UK or the so-called “liberal” opposition folks like Zyuganov and Navalny? Perhaps they can arrange a swap.

  3. How right this man is. Britain became a socialist stae in 1948 since when we have had the anti-British, pro world government Reds deliberatly trying to destroy us as a nation and using cultural Marxism to spread immorality, corrupt children and minors, destroy motherhood and the family and destroy the natural and godgiven gender makeup of the people.

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