The risk register for the controversial Health and Social Care Bill has been leaked (PDF version). The Guardian are going for it in their second edition.

It smells a bit odd that this early (September 2010) draft has leaked now. The final version might be much worse.

Is this a ruse to take attention off Cash for Cameron story?

[update id=”update1″ time=”06:21″ text=’It looks like we scooped The Guardian by 90 minutes. You can read their piece here.’]

  1. It certainly seems fishy timing for this thing to leak and it’s not even the final draft of the 2010 version. Feels like a government leak to me.

  2. could be the opposite, the new version could be much better….looking insignificant when they release it in comparison to this one…

  3. @gffg: The one for NHS London was pretty bad — and that was an up to date version released without needing to bring the matter to the Information Commissioner.

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