The coalition’s NHS reforms will sweep away bureaucracy, insisted Robert Halfon MP today in the latest attempt to shore up a fatally wounded Andrew Lansley. He obviously hasn’t seen the chaotic plans for NHS London leaked to investigative journalist David Hencke.

Lansley’s reforms will abolish the binary system of Primary Care Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities, replacing it with the mess depicted above (click here for full version). The leak reveals that many more divisions will be brought into the NHS and attempts to map the, erm,  clear lines of responsibility — between some 20 different bodies.

Or, as memorably put by Hencke:

“Far from creating fewer bodies it seems to create a plethora of new bureaucratic ones who will  have more complicated relationships than a man with 20 mistresses.”

Everyone clear?

  1. How can it possibly be more efficient? There is a lot of money going into this mess. How much of it will leak out I wonder. It is a fraudster’s dream.

    No wonder the doctors and nurses (who do the actual work) are cross about all this expensive management. As a tax payer, and potential patient one day, I am too.

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