Whilst the London mayoral election rages on, Lynton Crosby, the shadowy lobbyist who runs Boris’ reelection campaign, is suing an Australian MP over a message on Twitter.

Crosby and his business partner Mark Textor are seeking aggravated damages from Mike Kelly, a Labor MP and Parliamentary Secretary for Defence, claiming that one of his tweets libellously accused them of illegal practices.

The message accused Crosby’s company of so-called “push polling”, in which a campaign attempts to alter voters’ views through leading and suggestive questions. The tweet below is vigorously denied by the firm.

“always grate (sic) to hear moralizing from Crosby, Textor, Steal & Gnash. The mob who introduced push polling to Aus”

Meanwhile, back in the British capital, an op-ed piece from the Daily Mail has questioned the conduct of Lynton Crosby during his tenure as Boris’ campaign director. It highlights a number of shaming incidents including:

  • Taking Boris’ new £1.4m taxpayer-funded bus to boroughs where it will not be used, as a campaign gimmick.
  • Crosby being given a security pass against clear City Hall rules. Questions about it were evaded by Boris, and his team deflected blame onto the (recently deceased) deputy-mayor Sir Simon Milton.
  • The campaign’s appropriation of the mayoral twitter account — along with its quarter of a million followers — which resulted in an embarrassing volte-face.
  • Politically-restricted staff meeting party campaigners, including Crosby himself, in City Hall offices.

In the words of one City Hall staffer: “There is a culture here of not needing to stick to the rules exactly; that somehow they are not really designed for us.”

  1. That tweet sounds more like a compliment to the lowlife who runs Johnson’s failing campaign !!!

    Incidentally has ‘Bing’ found more dead people to blame for his disasterous campaign and is this the sort of ‘suing’ that we have heard from the sporting world from non-entities such as Botham and Gaskell !!!

  2. Incidentally Bing do I see your hand in Guppy’s friend’s latest comments that he had saved householders £445 per year instead of the few pence that, in reality,he has saved or his totally foolish comment that he has actually reduced fares !!!

    Please confirm that these feeble efforts bear all the hallmarks of your involvement !!!!

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