Is all the pressure of being a “digital politics and government innovator” getting to Luke Bozier?

After his joint venture with Louise Mensch MP was launched to mocking laughter (inspiring a brilliant spoof website and Twitter account) Bozier has now thrown a wobbly in the pages of the Daily Telegraph, telling their diary column:

“I’m not simply somebody Louise ‘met on the internet’,” he tells Mandrake, tetchily. “I’m politically active and well known in political circles.”

Indeed, Bozier’s importance (in political satire) cannot be underestimated.

Any readers in doubt as to his gravitas should remember he once attended a garden party with Tony Blair.

  1. I had never heard of him until you guys started writing about him.

    Since he has been the subject of a number of posts on a leading political blog, I think it is fair to say he is well known in political circles?

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