Should Scrapbook be concerned for the well being of Liberal Democrat activists? Party hack Richard Morris posts on the New Statesman’s blog that his tribe were “the most popular politician’s in the country”, whose election results are a “miracle”.

Dismal figures from reputable pollsters are apparently rendered moot — because of meaningless parish council results.

“But of the six local by-elections held last week, the Lib Dems won five.”

In fact, of the five claimed “local” election seats won four were in parish councils and only one was in a local authority. And the Liberal Democrats lost a county council seat to balance their unitary authority gain — leaving a net score for the night of zero.

Clegg will need more than Bodmin Town Council to rescue Spring conference.

  1. My dad lives in Bodmin, though I think he has, by his own admission, not voted since the Lib Dems were the Liberal party. Anyway, it’s true that Cornwall is one of the few counties to have places where a puddle of cat sick would win an election if it had a yellow rosette on.

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