Mad claims in Liberal Democrat leaflets are nothing new, but this is the first time Scrapbook has seen the balls required to give yourself a fictional award.

According to the caption, the photo above apparently shows:

“Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg presenting an award to David and his team for helping thousands of residents each year.”

There is no explanation why MP David Ward was selected and no one has any idea what the award is, or who these “thousands of residents” that he’s helped are — but it sure looks impressive, doesn’t it.

We’re sure the residents of Bradford East are thrilled to see David Ward doing the job he is paid for.

  1. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Not so very long ago, just after the disintegration of the Soviet Union I was in a “Russian” resort called Sochi on the Abhazian border.

    It was the annual brewers’ exhibition and annual meeting. In fact it was the first of the new “Russian” Association of Brewers.

    The President Elect who was the old USSR President announced a new medal of honour and promptly awarded it to himself.

    Nothing surprises me anymore.

  2. What a ridiculous post, the award was clearly not awarded to “themselves” but to the local MP who had done the best job in the party. It doesn’t take a genius to work this out from reading the short article in the picture even if it has been taken out of context.

    Clearly a slow news day.

  3. This’d be funny, if only I could imagine my MP winning an award for service from anyone. Never mind from his party leader, even one from himself.

    Actually, as it’s Gerald Kaufman, I suppose he might get one from a telly manufacturer for services to raising the profile of those 40 inch plasma monsters…

  4. This is no different from the dozens of large companies that have their own awards – ‘Employee of the Year’ or ‘Team of the Year’ – or professional organisations that give awards, for example the LGA’s ‘Council of the Year’. If the Bradford MP was chosen as the one giving the best service then I’m sure he’s rightly proud to have been recognised in this way.

  5. If David Ward’s team got a customer service award, did the residents of Bradford East know that they were his customers? What’s he been selling them?

  6. So the Lib Dems have an award system to encourage their MPs to provide a good service to people. Surely that is something to be lauded?

  7. I think the point is that it doesn’t actually explain what the award is. ‘For good customer service’. From whom? The Lib Dem Party?

    That’s what you’re looking for, at best. If it was from an independent company, you can be sure they’d highlight it.

    As it is, the best scenario for the Lib Dems, short of making it up completely, is that the Lib Dems run an internal award and coincidentally give it to their MPs in key marginals, while neglecting to mention that a Lib Dem has won a Lib Dem award on a leaflet going out to thousands of people across the district.

    The whole exercise is designed to give the impression he’s won a proper award from an independent body, when in fact it’s a token award given out by the party to help promote it’s own MPs.

    It’s classic Lib Dem campaigning, i.e. largely fictional.

  8. As an example of how this is nonsense, if my CLP created a customer service award and gave it to one of it’s councillors in a marginal, then we put it on our leaflet completely neglecting to say it was us who had created the award, there’d be absolutely no difference between what we had done and what the Lib Dem party is doing here.

  9. @Jon W
    It doesn’t have to state it explicitly anybody with half a brain can tell that is the case. It is exactly how Ian stated it above.

    What is truly tosh is this absolutely petty attempt at a smear of the lib dems. I mean you have the whole NHS bill to use, is there really any need for this? Slow news day?

  10. Geraldine Mitchell says:

    The self congratulations of companies for themselves is equally nauseating and therefore no justification at all for this form of false advertising. If the man did a good job for his constituents I am very glad to hear it….and had his constituents given him some kind of award I would be impressed (even shocked). However to get an award from any organisation with a vested interest in making that person look good is not an award it is a spin/a manipulation/and I for one thank PS for publishing this story. The Lib Dems have shown no integrity whatsoever in their lust to go down in the history books…they can no longer stand on any issue as they have systematically reneged on all their pre election promises which has enabled the worst politcal party since the 1930s to bring this country to its knees without even a mandate to do so…its no wonder they have made up an ‘award’ and bestowed it and now are using it to advertise themselves…what else have they got but fairy tales.

  11. I hail from Bradford East and he has actually been a great local MP, quick to respond and knowledgeable about his constituency.

    His predecessor (I can’t be bothered with party politics here) was only ever seen around election time and always voted with the whip.

    I’ve no idea how this award was thought up and it could well be shady, but Mr Ward deserves some sort of recognition. In such a marginal seat, the locals sure won’t give him it come 201x when it becomes a safe seat for another party once more. Shame. Hopefully the winning candidate then can follow Mr Ward’s lead.

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