If you thought the NHS restructuring document we on Tuesday evening on our earlier post looked confusing, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Highlighted on Twitter yesterday, Lansley’s Commissioning Board Special Health Authority have published a mind-boggling flow-chart they call the Commissioning Intelligence Model (full version).

The chart lists a whopping 70 questions which NHS execs will have to ask themselves. Scrapbook finds the presence of “What difference have we made?” and “What’s really happening?” as instructive. In a bad way.

The chart seems to ridicule further Andrew Lansley’s claims that his reforms will rid the NHS of unnecessary bureaucracy. Some of the most mind-boggling examples of bureaucratic BS from the document include:

  • “Clinical Pathway mapping” and “modelling and cost comparators”

  • “Master Data Administration” (inc “Common currencies” & “agreed standardisation techniques”)

  • “Age-sex-deprivation standardised comparative data at Practice level for commissioned activity” (inc “practice specialism”)

Let’s hope Lansley has a better grasp on this than he seems to.

  1. Why can’t they just concentrate on doctoring?

    The trouble is that when they install this nightmare of an idea on you poor English, DOCTORS will find themselves writing flow charts about performance evaluation instead of actually curing the sick.

    I can see Lord Lansley very soon as he is shuffled off to the retirement home for politicians to save emabrrassment as it all goes horribly wrong.

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