With the average cost of administrating an Early Day Motion rising from £290 in 2005/06 to a whopping £443 in 2009/10, perhaps the polyamourous John Hemming MP should pause before tabling motions pointing out that “a ton is greater in weight than a tonne”:

“That this House notes the reports in the BBC and other media outlets of the intention of the Chancellor of the Exchequer to come down like a tonne of bricks on wealthy people who sell properties through offshore companies to avoid stamp duty; recognises that this is part of a trend of metrication of traditional British phrases;”

He continues:

“… believes that, given that a ton is greater in weight than a tonne, this understates the Chancellor’s commitment to action; accepts that there is merit in using some metric units for measurement, but regrets the unnecessary metrication of traditional British phrases;”

Before finishing:

“… calls on the BBC and other media to cease the metrication of traditional phrases forthwith before people end up being exhorted not to give another 24.5 millimetres rather than not giving another inch.”

The motion was tabled yesterday and currently has one signature.

Has he not got anything better to do with his time and our money?

  1. Our working out for the £443 figure:

    Total cost in financial year 2009/10 was £1m:

    The government tax year runs 1 April to 31 March:

    There were 1,248 EDMs in Parliamentary session 2009/10, but 20 of these fell after 31 March ’10. That’s 1,228.

    There were 2,272 EDMs in Parliamentary session 2008/09, but 1,245 of these fell before 1 April ’09. So that’s 1,027.

    1,228 + 1,027 = 2,225

    £1,000,000 / 2,225 EDMs = £443.45

  2. Good grief!

    This turd should would be better off spending his time measuring his own turds. “That’ll be 3.5″ x 1.2″ in diameter…..hmmm, so what size is my arsehole?”

  3. The MP for YARDley keeps POUNDing away on his relentless quest for self-promotion, but doesn’t appear to have an OUNCE of sense and is, by MILES, one of the more cringeworthy of our elected representatives, whether he has a GALLON each arm or not. With the LDs in trouble hopefully he won’t be there FURLONG.

    Hope that’s OK for you, John, you monumental wally.

  4. When John Hemming isn’t spuriously undermining the separation between the legislator and the judiciary and getting people locked up by interfering in the family courts system, he can be found around the place being a cunt.

  5. Has no-one noticed the “another 24.5 millimetres rather than not giving another inch”

    0.9 millimetres may not be much to old imperialists like him, but it’s very important to me!

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