John Bercow baffled many with his references to a “kaleidoscope Queen” in his tribute to the monarch yesterday. But with his connection to a gay rights group of the same name, the right wing press seems to have gone berserk — with write-ups of the event dripping with homophobia.

By comparison with their peers, The Daily Express was a model of moderation, reporting:

“Commons Speaker John Bercow provoked scorn yesterday after hailing the growth of gay rights while giving his speech to the monarch calling her “a kaleidoscope Queen of a kaleidoscope country.”

The Daily Mail, as one might well expect, was a little more hostile to Bercow, whose recently published coat of arms including an LGBT rainbow and pink triangles. Their article was headlined:

“Get on with it, you Bercow! Cameron looks ratty as Speaker hijacks the Queen’s Jubilee address to waffle on about gay rights”

But the award for foaming-at-the-mouth incensed bigotry has to go to Damian Thompson over at the Daily Telegraph, who wrote ranted:

“…who the hell allowed that creep Bercow to hijack the event with his self-serving PC drivel about the “Kaleidoscope Queen” – and, worse, to insert a thinly disguised plug for gay marriage into a loyal address? The man is a disgrace to our public life. I hope readers share my anger.”

They don’t mind gays or anything, just as long as they do it in the privacy of their own home away from the Queen.

  1. Don’t be silly, we live in a “post-discrimination” world where it’s okay to say things like that. It’s just a joke, like on Top Gear!

  2. Siôn Eurfyl Jones says:

    Was this a reference to the queen’s obviously favouring her youngest, Edward, and his dalliances with the media and arts, and all the flamboyant characters that come with all that?

  3. The funny thing is, Er Maj probably doesn’t give even a fraction of the crap the right-wing press are giving. She probably wasn’t even listening that hard. I mean, damn, I wouldn’t have been.

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