Doth the ladies at Guido Fawkes complain too much about the “leather-jacketed heavies” who apprehended their chicken as it attempted to doorstep Ken Livingstone:

“It was a pretty hectic chicken raid, assorted Labour heavies got heavy.”

But their own footage (video) shows a supposedly innocent chicken grabbing a campaign sign, with one appearing to strike an ITV camerawoman in the face after which she is forced to retrieve her equipment from the floor in the middle of the mellee.

Meanwhile, LBC’s Dan Freedman (@LBC_Dan) complained of “way too aggressive” tactics, with Guido and his entourage barging through staff and campaign volunteers:

You’re either in front of Guido … or trampled underfoot.

  1. Guido Flawkes always tells lies, it what he does. He also wants the state to be able to exercute people.

  2. (A) Wrong woman.
    (B) We have footage of actual woman where she says to the contrary.
    (C) LBC are pissed because Ken ran off mid-interview.

    The Chic-Ken is called Jeremy Pax-Hen and he wants answers to his questions about Ken’s taxes.

    Labour staffers were trying to block us with the signs. So the chicken re-arranged them for the shot.

    We are Chic-Kens. We are Clucking. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

  3. Pro-Ken supporters followed Boris around with a chicken.

    Pro-Boris supports followed Ken around with a chicken.

    These stunts do nothing to dispel the public opinion that politics is just a load of stupid people shouting at each other, and just makes the little idiots behind them feel good about themselves.

    Frankly, both sides need to grow up and stop behaving like a bunch of kids.

  4. Notice that Guido Fawkes failed to mention that he was repeatedly yelling F**KING C**TS at Ken and his Labour volunteers throughout this episode.

  5. Guido there admitting his chicken was physically involved in the confrontation but still sticks to his claims… bless.

  6. I was there this morning – Staines, Cole and the person in the chicken costume barged into LBC’s interview, knocking people out of the way and then started shouting and swearing in a very aggressive and threatening manner. Ken did not “run away” – he was bundled off for his own safety.

  7. Wow, order-order has been on the way down for a while now, but this is a new low.

    The sniggering schoolboy attitude of the younger of the two imbeciles rapidly turning to embarrassed sheepishness says it all

  8. I see Paul Staines doesn’t understand the concept ” The camera never lies ”

    Maybe the rumour he has given up swearing for lent is a complete lie.

  9. Staines acted aggressively, pushing and swearing, then forced into an embarrassed retreat as he realised nobody was laughing… LOVE IT.

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