A government minister shocked a group of business officials last Thursday — when he carried a small dog into a meeting on, erm, a cushion. Energy minister Greg Barker was meeting delegates from power companies when he brought the dog into the session.

The pampered pooch is believed to be Barker’s dachshund puppy, Otto. This is not the first time the dog has caused consternation in Whitehall, with civil servants having to clean up the mess after Otto took an unscheduled toilet break during a visit by the Columbian environment minister.

Otto’s output is at least consistent with the remainder of DECC policy.

  1. Stan FranDisco says:

    Further proof, like it were needed, that this shabby excuse for a government truly believe they are beyond any reproach…….how unbelievable that anyone should have to put up with this…….he brings shame on the office he is supposed to represent……

  2. While acknowledging the peculiarity of taking one’s dog to work I think it unfair to suggest the cushion is an issue in and of itself: why should the dog not have a cushion? Admittedly, it has been unseasonably warm of late (probably due to climate change) but that doesn’t mean the dog’s bum won’t feel a chill. Blame the parasites, not the pets!

  3. Whilst agreeing that this story is absolutely hilarious – could you not have found a picture of a daschund puppy rather than the pictured dog. Which is clearly a Yorkshire Terrier. Tsk tsk.

  4. I don’t see what the fuss is about this so long as the dog doesn’t cause any interruptions. Besides anyone consider that the poor puppy might not have anyone to be with him back home?

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