A pensioner has launched an e-petition against the government issuing a de-facto tax rise against the elderly. Arthur Streatfield’s appeal, currently with 28 signatures, demands the government “take immediate action to reverse the decisions on these allowances”:

“We consider that at a time when pensioners are struggling to make ends meet and yet are a group of people due to age, health etc who often have extremely limited opportunity to make good lost income, this reduction in allowances is grossly unfair.”

Treasury wonks may already be working out compensatory tax measures.

  1. R A Husband says:

    After Successfully talking the country down, adding to the mess the greedy criminal bankers did in bankrupting the world. This unelected government backed by the equally corrupt liberal democrats have robbed millions of the poorer of the population of money and jobs. Cut the benefits of the dissabled and are now forcing them to apply for jobs they’re unable to do, and don’t exist. They tell us we’re all in this together then to the many millionaires in the cabinet and the rest of Davids and Georges rich mates, give a thumping 10% cut in their tax bills. Putting many thousands of pounds into their already full personal bank accounts.
    To be able to do this they have quite blatently decided to rob the old age pensioners, who are barely able to eat and keep warm on on the pitance handed out by the public school bully boys running the government, who prefer to fill their own pockets. Welcome to TORY BRITAIN

  2. Annie Weatherly-Barton says:

    Go boil yer head Al.

    Well said J Husband!

    The real Scandal!
    Tax avoidance: twelve billion lost per annum.
    Tax evasion: thirty billion lost per annum.
    Quango State: eighty billion lost per annum (estimated in 1997!!!)

    I rest my case!!!

  3. The Treasury thinks pensioners have not suffered to date!

    What about 20% VAT, inflation, restriction of pension rises, lack of bank interest etc etc?

  4. Labour must not let the “Granny Tax” drop from the political agenda now, and must pledge to scrap it, if re-elected. It is immoral for the Conservative-Liberal goverment to tax the eldery to pay for a 5% tax cut for the super rich.

  5. Christine STanding says:

    Killing me Softly – George Osborne

    I heard he was a strong Man
    He was a leader too,
    He took my pension savings and in a little while
    They stole my housing from me, they took my healthcare too

    Strumming my pain with his fingers
    Stealing my life with his words
    killing me softy with his song
    killing me softly with his song
    taking my whole life
    with his words
    killing me softly – George Osborne.

    Apologies: “Killing Me Softly with His Song” is a popular song, with music composed by Charles Fox and lyrics written by Norman Gimbel

  6. Hi.
    Especially to the little shit teenager ( I guess) who started the thread.when I was young my main odjective was to see how many mirrors I could get on my Scooter, I thought that old people were arseholes .Guess what Tosser it’s coming your way init .
    Now on to the petition ,let’s get it rolling,we have enough grey power to stop this in it’s tracks.
    In this case the Tories ( and I’m one ) are wrong.

  7. What is happening to our country ? There seems to be a real emergence of cruel spiteful youngsters who have no idea that it wont be a that long before age will catch them up .As a people we are most definitely NOT all in this together and this government cannot possibly know how difficult and very depressing and hopeless life seems under their rule . No-one who has worked hard and tried to save and live by the rules deserves all the CRAP that is now landing on our heads from a great height .The bankers and all those people who have played fast and loose with our futures should and probably will go to Hell .

  8. I have voted Conservative all my life 50+ years but no-more – enough is enough Osbourne how could you reduce tax for the rich and hit the poor pensioners.

  9. Clive Jones says:

    First Gordon Brown, the Equitable Life and now George Osborne and the coalition. Government
    abuse pensioners and the funds as a relief bank for the government.

    While the English electorate is told that nothing can be afforded the Scots, Welsh and Third World are doing very well at our expense.

  10. Malcolm Staples says:

    I can not think what this goverment is trying to do, I have been a true blue since the day I was able to vote,but NEVER again.Who is running the show it use to be the Prime Minister of the day ,not since this lot took to office,they are no better than BROWN’s party, he made a mess when he was P.M, but this little man who by name is P.M of the day is making a real hash of this third world country, that once was called G.B.

  11. well done cameron@osbourne you got us to vote for you on a pack of lies,and are now rubbing salt into the wound. I and many other penshioners will make you pay at the next election or are you hopping we will all be dead by then or suffering from altsiemers . I ASK EVERY PESIONER TO STAND UP TO THESE THIEVES . YOURS SINCERLY A WORRIED 71 year old

  12. It’s true Al – you will be old one day. And if it were not for old people – young people (even ones like you) would not exist. Perhaps you did not do biology at school? Or perhaps you came fully evolved from under a stone?

    In other cultures the older people are respected and cared for because the young understand that they would not be there without their seniors and that they owe all they have to them. They also recognise that one day they too will be old.

    Treatment of the old in this country is going from bad to worse and I fear for the future for Al if this trend is not stopped. Perhaps Al won’t have the opportunity to grow old… perhaps people with his misguided views will get into power and he and his kind will be terminated before they can become a “burdon”. Or maybe he will just slither back under his stone.

    Enough said on Al and his attitude.

    The granny tax is unfair and all pensioners, soon to be pensioners and perhaps a few enlightened, intelligent and socially ethical younger people should sign up to the e petition. I signed up this morning and was dismayed to see that there were only 2846 sign ups. It needs 100,000 to force a debate in parliament. So go on everyone – sign up today and tell everyone you know to sign up as well.

  13. pete sadler says:

    I am living in the midlands burton on trent swadlincote area I want to become actively involved in boosting this petition just done a mail merge to twenty five people who hopefully will sign.
    My real concern is that this email epetition will not reach probably more than half the pensioners.I did not know the NPC existed til saw the mention in the Daily Mail this morning We need to get into the streets with clip boards and loads of perition lists for people to sign and I do not mean just pensioners but the general population and they will all be relying on some form of pension one day right! I would be glad to hear from anyone who could support me in this idea as soon as possible lets get it rolling out to the masses We are all getting fed up with the Governments and the bankers lets start with the government.
    Hope to hear from you
    Pete Sadler

  14. Al.Iif old people are ‘shit’, you have an unfair headstart.

    Well said, Matto!

    @pete sadler: Pensioners are a hard-to-reach group in digital terms so agree they may struggle to reach 100,000.

  15. How much more are the politians going to take from the Old Age Pensioners. First Labour taking the 10% tax and now this lot taking the top rate of tax away. How about stopping their second home expenses and all the other expenses they claim. No other company would allow their workforce to do this.

  16. To Mr P Sadler,from trevalard@hotmail.com.
    I think that I am correct in this that we have maybe more than three million pensioners in this Country. For my part I am near eighty years old, ready and willing to take on this shower plus other so called mps of other parties, who in my opinion do not know the meaning of the word (truth), lies yes they understand this word.
    I feel yes we should as a group stand up be counted, and let the powers that be do NOT HOLD all the trump cards.
    Pensioner power could and would be a great force to be reckoned with, Pensioners united together a match for any Political party at there peril.
    With one voice, let it be heard for all pensioners, we all want a far better deal now not later. write to your MP, I do, let him know they cannot count on your vote, if they do not listen then do not vote for them, simples, as the saying goes, GOD BLESS ALL.

  17. The so called rise for Pensioners Cameron bangs on about is only to compensate for inflation. The Gov’t can’t tax the State Pension so they tax everything else you earn including any private Pension you paid into to help offset the meagre £105 a week State Pension.
    My advice is don’t bother saving for your old age ,just claim all the benefits going or declare yourself a member of some Terrorists faction and be rewarded with free housing ,benefits,healthcare and a car thrown in for good measure.Or live now and top yourself just before pension age.

  18. Why Oh Why does this government think it can dissmiss us on a whim. we must give them a true taste of our feelings. when the election comes up don,t be fooled by the carrot they will throw us. we must make their manifesto a legally binding document, in which any change from policy must be put to a vote

  19. Not too many advantages in getting old. Main one was a little extra tax relief. GONE!
    Senior Citizens in every City, Tow and Village in this country, get ORGANISED !

    3 million eligible voters can influence, if ORGANISED.



    JOHN, 60 plus.

  20. Mary A. Maggs says:

    I cannot believe that Osbourne thinks pensioners are unable to do arithmatic. We were taught properly before the politicians messed up education. Of course we are going to lose money. it is not just tax simplification. He has to raise a lot of money somewhere & has decided that we are going to supply it. All his rich mates are saying thanks for their tax break, I will say thanks for this robbery at the next election if he doesn’t reinstate my tax break.

  21. John Ingham says:

    While many pensioners have worked for many years and saved for their retirement. They now have to pay extra taxes to reward the rich by cutting the top rate of tax from 50% to 45%. The reason being that the rich may be willing to pay their taxes if the rate is dropped. Its time that we show the government that we are not willing to accept this situation. SIGN THE PETITION on the Number 10 web sitehttp: http://www.epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/31778.

  22. F.sherrington says:

    Once again politions have shown that they do not live in the same world, they only give hearsay to the ordinary people when we try to explain the struggle we have from day today living. The goverment of today, Cameron & the rest are a million miles away from the average working person. Iwould not trust them for one minute, they as the saying goes no more than (double glazing sales men) who are not trusted for one minute.

  23. c richardson says:

    I am afraid that this government will go down as far worse than the previous disaster, Labour. They are making a divide between the young and the elderly of this country. My generation were prepared to go out and do any job to earn money and today too many expect to be a top earner at 20 or younger. There is no substitute for experience and that is something that the politicians are denying the young of today. Too many younger people are not prepared to study to better themselves, blaming tuition fees for deterring their ambitions. Some throw it at my generation that we benefited from free university education; only one person from my school went on to university, but at least he was better than 50% targets of the population going to university as desired by Blair and co. to study useless subjects like surfing and David Beckham. Another failing of the younger generation is that they bleat on about no opportunities etc but never vote. I hope that the silver haired voters use their vote wisely in future and ignore the 3 main parties and vote to restore sovereinty and rule to this country

  24. Peter Anderson says:

    As George has imposed this regulation regarding the freezing of the personal allowance for the over 65 does he think the Conservatives will gain re-election in 2015. I don’t think so. I believe he has lost the next election for them by this budget. Maybe it is time for whatever promises the politician make in their manifesto, become legally binding. I for one, will not forget when they come can canvassing for my vote.

  25. Just signed the petition and hope more will. We need to get more publicity going. Maybe get some celebrities on the case. The cut wont really bother them, we know, but alot of them are very caring and concerned for the elderly people and they will get the media attention. Anyone knowing such celebrities should get in touch and ask them for their help or we could contact them on twitter eh?. We need to get this into the goverments face and also let them know we (as pensioners as a whole body) will NOT vote for the coalition parties next time for sure. Come on folks as a combined force we are a massive political force in ourselves and we have a battle to win here. As old Winston said after D- Day “This is not the end, its not even the beginning of the end, BUT, It is the end of the beginning” and look where we got then.

  26. If “A Government” of whatever politcal party were to give the older women – who went to work for pin money – the full married women’s pension, not the amount they earned between full time work and raising families, there would be no need for the married man’s extra allowance. I don’t understand how someone can come into the Country – not having paid into the system – and be entitled to more than me and people of my age. When we went to work we paid tax and insurance on whatever we earned, however small. In these days of equality I am a kept women. I could not live on my pension, so it is my husband who is keeping me. I think he should receive the extra allowance. When Mr Cameron announced that he was increasing the pension, he didn’t add that it was his intention to take it back from us over the next few years. Think again before you carry out this tax reform.

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