Cabinet minister Francis Maude’s verdict on the cash-for-access scandal on the Today Programme this morning (click orange play button below):

“This is a bit of nonsense.”

Despite previous bluster on transparency, Maude steadfastly refused to reveal who has had intimate dinners at David Cameron’s Downing Street flat — even when they are Conservative Party donors.

Some months before the Cabinet Office stopped publishing ministerial meetings, Maude wrote a Guardian article headlined:

“This will be the most transparent and accountable government in the world.”

With millionaire Maude’s repeated references to “supper” at Number 10, however, at least we’ve learned one thing today:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/martinbright/status/184209168616521728″]

Does Francis Maude suppose Cameron’s taxpayer-funded grace and favour apartment is equivalent to a private home?

  1. Monique Buckner says:

    And they promised the ‘greenest government ever’ doing everything possible to destroy or sell off our countryside. Remember Cameron’s election promise to protect the NHS? At least the Tories have a sense of humour (though at our expense).

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