The 170,000-signature petition against the Health Bill will be debated in Parliament next Tuesday — two weeks after MPs refused to allocate it time. Despite huge backing for the online appeal, the Backbench Business Committee attempted to block discussion in the Commons despite having 70% more signatures than is required.

Secured under pressure from Andy Burnham, the debate will be seen as the final attempt to delay the legislation, expected to reach the statute book by 20 March. The poorly-drafted bill is one of the most amended in history, with government Lords forced into making yet more concessions yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Lib Dems have their work cut out trying to crush the revolt against Lansley’s reforms at their conference in Gateshead.

  1. The Tories despise democracy and the democratic process, and their approach to ‘good governance’ is more akin to the Nazi Party under Hitler or even Stalin’s Russia.

    They’ve no regard or respect whatsoever for the UK’s millions of poor, disabled, elderly, unemployed people or even those in low-wage work.

    It’s now time to banish these harmful sociopaths from our Parliament completely or, at best, allow only 20 of them to remain in the House of Lords but permit NONE to sit in the Commons. This would free-up our political process to get on with the job of REAL politics instead of this constant tirade of economic bullshit Parliamentarians currently keep having to waste time and resources over.

    Teh Tories are quite simply UNFIT to GOVERN responsibly and peaceably in the UK.

    We ousted the religious crazies and banished them to a few seats in the House of Lords. It’s now time we do the same with these demented Tories whose only interests are a fevered and frenzied pursuit of ever more profit for themselves and their rich friends, regardless of who gets hurt OR EVEN DIES in their madness to support only business.

    Let’s claim our Parliament back and put it into the hands of real politicians and real democrats.

  2. Wrong Again... says:

    Surely Burnham shouldn’t be in a position to put pressure on a body designed for backbench MPs?

    If he really cared, he could have devoted an Opposition Day Motion to the NHS, rather than waste already limited Backbench Business time.

  3. I have to say Rob, that the English voted for the Tories in their droves, under a FPTP system which they later endorsed by referendum.

    You can’t really blame the Tories for despising democracy, and then say that they’re not a legitimate part of the democratically elected government.

    If, however, you live in Scotland, with one Tory and 11 Liberals out of 59 MPs in the London parliament and 16 Tories and 5 Liberals out of a parliament of 129, you may feel very bitter about the Tories ruling the roost…

  4. The Tories were in an election race against a Labour government that had grown increasingly unpopular, then fronted by an utterly unloved man, at the beginning of a worrying economic downturn.

    And they still failed to secure a majority. You may recall, shortly after the vote there was speculation as to whether the Lib Dems would form a coalition with the Tories or a “rainbow coalition” with Labour. The Lib Dems decided the election, not us.

    This government does not have the backing of the British public at all.

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