Perhaps undercover Sunday Times journalists are entitled to feel ripped off by the Tories’ disgraced former co-treasurer Peter Cruddas.

While £250,000 can get you one-to-one dinners with Dave at his Downing Street flat, the Conservative Party’s website is advertising dinners with the prime minister by committing to a donation of £50,000 per year:

The top donor clubs on the Tories’ website have names such as “Treasurer’s Group” and “Front Bench Club”, implying access to particular levels of the party. A donation of £25,000 per year opens the door to dinners with “senior figures”, while lesser donors (£5,000) will get lunch with Nicholas “Fatty” Soames.

Perhaps Cameron should have taken his own advice …

… he predicted in February 2010 that lobbying was “the next big scandal waiting to happen”.

  1. Maybe the difference is that if you fork out £250,000 they will LISTEN to what you say at the dinner or lunch, as opposed to allowing you to waffle on, and ignoring everything you say.

  2. @Tris

    I think that’s exactly it. Also, “dinners” and “post-PMQ lunches” could be 5000-person affairs in a hotel ballroom, whereas Cruddas was promising more intimate dinners in No. 10 itself.

  3. This government is run by a bunch of on the make spivs. And meanwhile young soldiers are being killed, crippled and traumatised in an attempt to export our supposed democratic values.

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