Has a Tory councillor threatened a correspondent to a local newspaper letters page? Writing in response to a complaint about a planning decision in the Plymouth Herald, Plymouth City Council member Tom Browne asked menacingly:

“Would David R Foley like to meet me and repeat what he wrote … ?”

Apparently, Mr Foley is not entitled to hold a view until he is learned in the finer details of planning legislation:

“Are you an expert in planning matters, 106 funding, building of new homes and removals?”

Rumours of an illicit fight club in a basement beneath Plymouth Civic Centre could not be confirmed.

The first rule of Planning Club is: “Do not talk about Planning Club”.

Thanks to @John_the_Monkey for the sign-off line.

  1. What a complete childish non-story. The headline is a lie. You’ve completely misconstrued this. He might have meant it in a formal ‘wish to discuss’ manner? I don’t think I’ll bother reading this crap anymore…

  2. “Your email is never published nor shared”.

    Not sure I could believe any website saying that when they can produce such a ridiculous story out of absolutely nothing

  3. I come from the ward that Browne is a cllr in, and I’ve had 2 experiences with him, both times he has been very aggressive towards me (the first time I was quite young and ended up in tears) but when I met him the second time I caught him on the back foot, and you only have to wind him up a bit and the aggressive thuggish side of him easily comes out

  4. @Anonymous and @Blackhole

    Two tory toff who deserve to blow their heads off or get someone else to.

  5. To add the facts Mr foley is a developer and paid manny thousands of pounds in 106 agreements over the years and provided Falmouth with the first Cornish 100% affordable.housing scheme of 50 units some 15 years ago . Councilor Brown , at the time refused to communicate with Mr foley despite emails and attempted contacts, seems judging by the comments he has a reputation as a bully but like all bully’s once challenged he shrinks and disappears , Always back your statements, if you can’t apologise for your errors and threats.

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