Treasury minister Chloe Smith was heckled this weekend as she attempted to address a Drop The Bill rally in Norwich. Arriving to sing the praises of the Coalition’s most unpopular legislation yet, Smith was ambushed by protesters who flanked her with a large banner saying “NHS wrecker”.

Handed a hospital pass by protesters, she left the stage to chants of “shame on you” whereupon she was  taken to task by the tearful mental health nurse who organised the rally:

“I feel so passionate about [the NHS]. And that has made me feel very emotional … You are destroying everything we have fought for.”

The minister defended her masochistic appearance, saying “I was asked to come here today and I wouldn’t shy away.”

Smith does get bonus points for bravery and/or sheer ambition.

  1. She comes from near Downham Market, they don’t have pop music, or modern clothes, only fox hunting and oik thrashing, it’s a tory training ground.

    She’s got about as much understanding of Norwich North as I have West Norfolk, I wish she’d go back there. Shame Gibson got scapegoated by labour they might as well have handed her the seat on a EPNS platter.

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