David Cameron’s most senior civil service aide, Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood, has told the PM to scrap the Health Bill. The revelation exposes the extent to which Cameron and Lansley are isolated — even amongst their inner circle of Whitehall advisers.

Sources to the Mirror’s James Lyons have revealed that Heywood has been arguing against Lansley’s bill on the basis that it threatens to send a wrecking ball through years of progress made in the NHS.

The 18-week waiting time and other targets developed by Heywood under New Labour were dumped by Lansley, who branded them “arbitrary”. Now he argues that the new top-down reorganisation will strip away Whitehall’s control of health services and endanger progress made since 1997.

Heywood, who is expected to expand his Whitehall empire with the departure of Steve Hilton, was Principal Private Secretary to Tony Blair before leaving for a four-year sabbatical at Morgan Stanley. In June 2011, Scrapbook generated headlines for exposing his role in the private equity deal which doomed care home group Southern Cross.

That’s one more signature to add to the 170,000 who oppose the Bill.

  1. Save our NHS – there is only about 14 days left to save it! Mayday! Mayday!
    This is what I put on my Facebook status yesterday as I don’t think my FB friends really Know what is going on with the NHS and are sleep walking around under the illusion that this Government will “protect” the NHS and everything will be okay and nice and rosy as it has always been. This is wot I wrote:
    “Sorry once again to be always gloomy and doomy in my posts and seem to be like Sgt Fraser from Dad’s Army “we are all doomed”, but seriously, It is almost too late to save the NHS now. Went to meeting last night in Derby organised by the Derby Trades Council to coincide with the Save Our NHS rally in London and found out what is REALLY going on. There are only about 13 days before Cameron’s Health Bill will become law. It lies with the Lib Dems to stop it at their conference THIS WEEK END. Can you believe that! They are the only once with the power to force it to be dropped! I found out last night that if this Health Bill becomes law (probably next week or the week after), it will be bad for poorer people and people who have chronic ongoing life long conditions as these people will be too “expensive” and gradually local services won’t find it “profitable” to give them services. This is happening already in ILKESTON with my friend who has an adult son with full blown Autism who can no longer get the chiropody/podiatry service he was once always entitled to “as of right” – he now been told that cos local NHS service has to make savings now, he now does not Qualify any more as the goal posts have been moved to allow ONLY certain patients to get their nails cut which does not now include him. This will be happening in alot of other services as well.
    Royal Derby Hospital and Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham are working more like businesses these days. We heard last night that Royal Derby hospital (Derby City) have closed a maternity ward and turned it in to a “private” ward. They are also looking at making another ward private soon as well. Derby City Hospital is what is called a “Foundation” Hospital Trust now. Queens Medical Centre are working towards becoming a Foundation Trust. All NHS hospitals are being required to turn into Foundation Trusts by 2014. This means that they will be independent organisations and will have no accountability to the Government (the Govt don’t seem to want to be responsible for the NHS anyway!) Hospitals as Foundation Trusts will have to generate income to survive so they will have to be more business-like and try to get money from doing loads more private work so that they can run the hospital. They will cut every thing down that they can because as Foundation Trusts they have their own budget and won’t get any help from the Govt. anymore. They will pick and choose what patients they see and won’t be wanting patients that are “expensive” if they aren’t going to get money for looking after them. This isn’t the NHS any more – it is just a collection of separate businesses. Eventually Cameron wants all hospitals to work like this instead of being part of one NATIONAL WHOLE SERVICE, there will just be hundreds of separate trusts all doing things differently. The staff won’t be protected. Their terms and conditions and pay will be cut back. The will just be using the NHS logo as a brand to trick the public in to thinking that nothing has changed and everything is free but it will just be one big mish-mass fragmented mess.
    We are relying on the Lib Dems THIS WEEKEND to DO THE RIGHT THING. They must put forward the emergency motion at their conference this weekend. This is about the only thing that will kill the Health Bill that Cameron is pushing through which will open the flood gates to private companies and will kill the NHS as we know it.
    This Health Bill will open the flood gates for private companies from America to grab the NHS work and then “sell” it back to us. Most shocking of all is that the Health Secretary will no long have the DUTY to s that we all have access to a “comprehensive” Health Service Found out that the Lib Dems have got 2 emergency motions ready to present at this weekend’s conference and it all depends which motion is chosen as only one can be chosen to put to Conference. These motions have been put by the grassroots Lib Dem members and according to Lib Dem rules, any motions put to conference and voted on unanimously by membership, have to be taken on board by Clegg and the big Lib Dem guns in the Cabinet. One motion is “that this Conference feels that the Health Bill should be scrapped completely” and the other motion is something about letting Health Bill go through but with amendments. The Tories CANNOT get the bill through on their own in the Commons, so it is down to the Lib Dems to unsettle the Coalition and not vote with the Govt. when it gets to the voting stage for the bill whether it becomes law or not. OMG!!!
    Found out that there will no longer be a duty to provide services to pregnant women. This is a RIGHT at the moment and is universal across England but under the new Health reforms that this Bill will make law, the ONLY services that we will ALL have a right to expect will be “emergency care” and “ambulance care”. EVERYTHING will not be a RIGHT any more – it will all depend on whether your local GP group wants to provide it to the population or not. At the moment, the Secretary of State for Health is responsible to the people of this country to provide us ALL with a FULL and COMPREHENSIVE Service with access to ALL services but under this Bill the local health service will not be accountable for anything it does or does not provide to local residents. It will not HAVE to provide EVERYTHING to us and the Secretary of State will not protect us if things go wrong locally as these Tories are getting rid of that DUTY and RESPONSIBILITY that the Secretary of State for Health has always had since the NHS was created to protect the people! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS SHIT!! I did not realise this is what will happen!!
    Up to now it was the Government (who ever is in power) that was RESPONSIBLE to the people of Britain to ENSURE and SECURE for them a NATIONAL health service BY LAW, so the people could hold them to account for this, but these Bastard Con Dems are going to vote in next week or the week after that this will no longer be the case and the Govt. will have no powers to ensure we all get a proper service where ever we live. AT the moment, the local health service secures and ensures on our behalf, by law that all local people who live within its boundary (e.g. Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire) get FULL access to a COMPREHENSIVE service – all the treatments/services we might ever need. This will in future not be the case and groups of GPs will be in clusters called Clinical Commissioning groups (CCGs) and will “buy in” – WITH OUR TAXES, financial expertise and support from PRIVATE companies like Price Waterhouse, McKinsey, Circle, United Health, Virgin, etc to handle all the contracts and to do all the paperwork etc to buy in the services and treatments for us e.g. cataract operations, hip ops, maternity services, heart operations. Private health care providers will be ABLE to bid in to provide these services to us and the contracts won’t necessarily go to the local hospital or local clinic or local NHS service that you have always had in the past. They will have to compete alongside the private health care providers for the contracts and the GPs will look for the cheapest. The people with the complicated health problems, the older people, the people with learning disabilities or children with long term conditions like Duchenne’s disease that need alot of different inputs will see their local hospital or service withering and getting weaker as these private companies come in and snap up all the work and get paid for all the patients they sort out – payment per unit. The local hospital or NHS clinic will then struggle to get the work and will inevitably not get the money in so will get worse as a service and may close and then people won’t have a local service especially people with unpopular and expensive conditions who the private companies wont want to spend time on because THEY ARE IN IT FOR QUICK BUCKS AND NOT IN IT FOR THE LONG TERM WELFARE OF THE PATIENT.
    I don’t want my taxes to go to private companies. I pay my taxes in to go towards providing a PUBLIC, NATIONAL, UNIVERSAL, STATE-CONTROLLED SERVICE actually, not a fragmented, mish-mass, different in every local area, where my GP is to group up with other GPs who will then be using MY money to buy in big private companies to “help” them run the service and then they will be letting other private companies set up health services. in competition with my local hospital and my local clinic who will then get closed. ABSOLUTELY NOT, mate! Do one, Cameron and Lansley. You CANNOT do this. You are OUR servants actually! We will have to use Lawful Rebellion if you dare to pass this into law next week. THERE WILL BE TROUBLE I PROMISE YOU. Liz Potter (Very Angry from Ilkeston Derbyshire)

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