Liberal Democrat activists in Sarah Teather’s constituency are delivering anonymous attack leaflets claiming Labour have “let us down” on cuts — despite their MP’s status as a government minister who voted for Osborne’s austerity agenda.

The council by-election leaflet, blogged by Cllr Krupesh Hirani, brazenly asks “Who can you trust to stop the cuts?”, answering itself “Not Labour!”, and quotes union leaders Dave Prentice and Bob Crow. It makes no mention of Teather or the Liberal Democrats’ candidate, Alison Hopkins, and is decked out in red rather than Lib Dem yellow.

Do Brent Lib Dems suppose it is Sarah who will stop the cuts?

  1. Certainly on a local level the ruling Brent labour party have caused great upset by following a policy of closing libraries and nursery places and implementing other cuts. whilst the leaflet is spinning the truth and is devious there is an unfortunate element of truth in the message.

  2. If there’s one thing Cons and Labs agree on, it’s the deceitful campaigning methods of local Lib Dems. Luckily Cleggy at the top is setting a fine example.

  3. The only deceitful bleeders in government at the moment are the Tories and the Lib Dems. They are nothing but liars and deceivers and should be ashamed at the way they have led the people of England and Wales down the garden path over their proposed changes to NHS, Education and Legal Aid and disabled benefits. I hope they get slammed at the ballot box.

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