With the Ken/Boris dichotomy of the London Mayoral race so far, the Lib Dems have ample room to complain that they aren’t getting enough coverage– but on the back of their candidate’s latest performance, that might be a blessing in disguise.

Firstly, in an interview with BBC London, he couldn’t tell the interviewer how much his transport policies would cost. Then today, on LBC 97.3 he defended not knowing the cost, protesting that “it’s not reasonable for me to know that.

The exchange is rather startling:

Interviewer: “Hang on, it’s not reasonable for you to know the costings of your policy? Are you honestly saying that?”
[Five second pause]
Interviewer: “You must have to know the costings, Brian, of your policies if you’re going to be mayor of London?”
Paddick: “Er, that’s…absolutely…erm…ridiculous.”

That sound you hear is any hopes of Paddick outdoing the measly 9.8% he polled in 2008 slipping away.

  1. Giloes Bradshaw says:

    Surely he’s right isn’t he? The point is whether the policies are fully costed and whether that information is available and whether they are as a whole affordable and justified. Not whether he can reel off the precise cost of every individual policy?

    Moreover your “quote” (and I use the ” marks in the same manner as you do is deliberately misrepresenting what he actually said. He said he should not be expected to know the cost of each policy not the cost of his policies.

  2. The reason why it not reasonable for him to know how much his policies cost is because he’s got no hope in hell in them being implemented. So why bother?

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